van der Molen Vertalingen - translation agency for the Dutch, English and Romanian language

We specialize in all kinds of professional - sworn and unsworn - translations from Dutch into English and vice versa. We also provide translations from Romanian into English and Dutch and vice versa.

Your message

You have a message you wish to share to make sure that your target group is inspired to take the necessary steps. Whether it concerns a legal document, a website or a manual, the right communication at the right time creates clarity and contributes to achieving your objectives. van der Molen Vertalingen works for your interests. We unburden you in your process and help you to achieve your aims and objectives.

Actions speak louder than words. 

Just as we serve these clients, we are also happy to support you in your international communication and achieving your goals.   


Expert and professional

As a qualified translator, I, Erwin van der Molen, am registered with the Bureau Wbtv and we keep our expertise up to date by regularly following refresher courses and reading professional literature.

Punctual, reliable and proactive

Your texts and data will be treated confidentially. We strictly adhere to the agreed delivery times so that you receive your translation on time. A proactive attitude characterizes our way of working.

General information

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