van der Molen Vertalingen - translation agency for the Dutch & English language

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Erwin van der Molen, 51 years old, and I am a professional translator with over 12 years of experience in the field. I am the founder of Van der Molen Translations, a translation service dedicated to providing accurate and culturally relevant translations.


I have built a broad range of experience in various disciplines by translating legal, financial, and education-related documents, psychological assessments, diplomas, transcripts, manuals, translations that need to be certified, and much more. I pride myself on my ability to understand the nuances and details of a text and translate them accurately, without losing the essence of the original message.

Since 2011, I have collaborated professionally with a diverse array of companies, including real estate, notary, and law firms. I have provided numerous private clients with certified translations for official purposes, such as visa applications or studying abroad.


I graduated with a specialization in Dutch-English and English-Dutch translations and have earned my bachelor's degree. I am also registered with the Bureau Wbtv. Additionally, I have taken various translation courses, such as legal and criminal law translation courses.

About My Agency

Van der Molen Translations is equipped with the latest translation software and technologies to ensure a streamlined and efficient translation process. We are a team of multiple translators specializing in different domains, allowing us to offer a wide range of services and manage complex projects.

A Bit More About Me

When I'm not translating, I enjoy hiking, and I'm a fan of movies and books. The latter passion, in particular, has helped me understand the cultural nuances that are crucial for effective translations.

I work with dedication to your cause and am always willing to go the extra mile for you.

Our clients remain loyal to Van der Molen Vertalingen because of our customer-friendly, thorough, and professional approach.

If you're interested in a translation, I'd be happy to assist you further.

Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance or have additional questions.